Welcome to Bikes and Books for Kids.  We are two school teachers in Boulder, Colorado that feel we can help make the world a better place for deserving kids by providing them with essentials to becoming life-long learners, including: bikes, books, shoes, school uniforms, backpacks and more. Please help us to help others, one kid at a time!

About Us

Many students attend schools with no supplies or do not even have schools to attend at all!  It is our dream to help all children to get the education that they deserve!

Nothing warms our hearts more than to see the expression of joy when a student learns a new skill, cracks a new book, dawns a new pair of shoes and school clothes, or mounts a bike for the first time with a brand new helmet. We love helping children experience these simple pleasures in life!


Thanks for helping us to help children locally and globally!


Please contact us to find out more about our mission, current and future efforts, and with questions, ideas for children in need or celebrations. Thanks!